Tuesday, January 15, 2008

arthurs pass

so it's day 38 today and I find myself in arthurs pass, the second rest day in a row, lovely to rest and eat food that crunches. I'm learning that I;ve got the best chance of completing this journey is to listen to what my body's telling me, to rest when I'm tired and to walk when I;m feeling strong.

The journey continues in a lovely fashion, it certainly has it's hard days, both environmentally, steep climbs or hot sunshine, or just of tired bodies. But so far the head is staying strong and I'm continued to be inspired whilst I travel across this landscape. I keep discovering many places of beauty and love the nightly ritual of plunging myself into icy cold water.

From the last posting, thanks sarah!! I traveled up the hope river into lake summner and then across harper pass into the taramakau valley, up the deception and down into minga valley and out towards arthurs pass.

My friend Jason has come to join me here and will travel south wity me for a while. I think It will be nice to have company for the land that I'm about to travel into, I;ve heard there are tigers in there. but Il;m sure that max ( the monkey) will frighten them away.

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geoff S said...

Go Olivia! Great to read of your progress. That is a heap of country already sorted. I came back from Stewart Is on the 20th Jan. Rangitata seemed low enough. Hope its going well. A friend of mine is at Godley Hut 4 a month, researching (Claire) from 23rd jan. May be able to help crossing Godley (they hav dinghy) if u havent passed by yet and need. Keep at it, and love to see the pics.