Sunday, February 17, 2008


So i find myself at a food drop again. amazing how if you just keepputting one foot in front of the other and you get there... somewhere. and that place is here for now, 70 days down and 40 to go.

I'm so loving being on such an adventure as this one and I feel privalaged that I have the opportunity to be here and experiencing he journey and all that it entails. The diversity of the landscape keeps blowing me away. I'm travelling really well at the moment just appreciating the space that I'm in both internally and externally.

The Last section was full of rocks and lost the trees to a little bit north of here and have found them again. but by going south the glaciers receed and forests takeover. Since last writing I travelled over bush streamand dropped into the Dobson river (rather up close andpersonalwith hard goingalpinescrub and trees) and then ahuge alk down the valley, up the Hopkins river and into the huxley,over broderick pass and into the lansborough. The huxley to here has just been beautiful,just so many beautifulplaces,as well as a rather hairy crossing on the landsborough almost went swimming but held on. Somemay think that once I have done this trip new zealand wil be out of my system.. not at all I just have a headfull of new dreams for the future.

Just checked my email and there were a number oflovely e mails from people out there, thanks for all your words of support,encouragement and love- they are appreciated

about to go into lands I;ve travelled before. It feels like I'm going home

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Ian & Susan said...

Hi again Olivia,
We met in Monument Hut in the Hopkins River if you recall - we were very impressed with your determination and mountain skills and it seems you are keeping up the good work.
All the best for the rest of your trip.
Ian & Susan