Wednesday, December 19, 2007

And On Towards The Wangapeka.

Have heard from a 'source' that Oli just left the Cobb valley this morning. Completely on schedule and everything going really well. She will be heading up some cool river valleys in the next week, and in some pretty mint weather - the Wangapeka and Karamea Rivers. Bronwen.


Graeme said...

Thursday 20th December
Spent the night at Venus hut with Olivia. Gutsy girl, great attitude, warm personality.
Go Olivia.

Mary said...

It is great for us in London to be able to read comments about Olivia's journey and know that she is travelling well.
Thanks for the update Bronwyn and I'll log in regularly for news.
(Olivia's mother)

Jane Flowers said...

Hi Olivia. We met Olivia at Courthouse Flats, Wangapeka around Christmas time. We took out your bucket and rubbish Olivia, and nice to know we could help. Thanks for the protein bars!!!The day you left to go up Mount Owen, the weather got a bit shaky and we thought of you. Your brave bathing in the freezing mountain stream got us motivated to try it....but a helicopter flew in and we were surprized el nudo...ha ha. We thought the helo flying the visitors up the hill would probably annoy you..we thought of you being disturbed in your natural solitude. Sorry we did not chat some more. I (Jane) am really, really , really shy! Hope you have a wondeful trip..well done Olivia.By the way - we Christened you the Missionary..out on a lonesome Mission and wondered if you were raising awareness for some campaign. How refreshing to find you were just out there living your life!!!
Best regards
Jane and Frank Flowers
New Zealand).