Tuesday, December 4, 2007

joining me

please leave a message in these comments if your thinking of coming in to join me, just so others can see what's going on....but then again it might always be just me and max the monkey eeep.

have a look and see where others maybe coming in, if you can't post on the blog then email bron as she might know. If it looks like i've had a couple of people back to back please let me have some time on my own as it is essentally a solo travel, but would love company sometimes, and food drops are always a way to say hello if your in the country somewhere.

From the greenstone track (day 80) there's no real option of joining me apart from seeing me in Te Anau as I've got my mother coming and I want to explore fiordland on my own ..however a welcoming party at the end would be lovely just to help me integrate back into the world again.


khalin said...

Hi Ollie,
Not sure what yr itinerary is or when "Day 80" will fall... but rather than tell you which tracks I'll be on when, I thought I'd tell you re towns, in case they coincide with any of yr food drops:

Nelson, 16/12 and 23/12
Queenstown, 9/1, 13/1 and 26/1
Wanaka, 14/1, 20/1, 21/1, 25/1.

Have a ball!

PS You and yr rogaining partner are mentioned in passing in latest Wild (re Nat Champs). And did you see the article on the Larapinta by the Tempests (?) in a recent Outdoor?

Anonymous said...

Hey Ollie
Love your work chick!! Sounds fantastic!!
Hey, I might have left it a tad late to organise to join you for a short walk. i think early march might be entering into the day 80 zone. However, will catch up with SJ and she if she is in the know.
Otherwise might have to venture to the southern end of the long white cloud and help ease you back into this dodgy world!!
See what you reckon if you have a mo.
Take care. Ciao bella.