Sunday, March 16, 2008


seem to have been delayed..... somehow and not sure how I've managed to strain my glut muscle...however after a couple more days rest feel that it's healing and all ready to go I;'ll set off on the 17th. I'm quite aware that this next section is going to be pretty remote and hard work and don't really want to carry an injury or to adapt my route. so i've had a full week off now and all inspired and mostly healed enough now to continue. so finish date will now be around the 1st or 2nd april .... as always weather depending, cross fingers. x


anja said...

Hi Olivia,
You stayed with us at Possum Lodge in Manapouri and left a big impression on how to follow one's dream. I hope you had a good rest here, and then found an appealing route over Mount Titiroa. I would love to meet you at the south coast, if I can get away from work. Enjoy the last leg of your journey and don't be sad when it's over - I am sure you will re-live it hundreds of times.
Good luck and lovely memories, Anja

jason said...

Ollie you've made me laugh. Listerning to stories of you chasing Bulls around you should really leave the poor things alone. Have fun on the last section of your journey. Give Max a Banana for me won't you.