Friday, March 28, 2008

final steps

and so i walked to the coast and had a swim in the ocean. It's hard to believe that i have completed my journey and find myself at the journeys end. What a truely amazing and extrodinary experience i have lived for the last 110 days; and the lands i have lived in and travelled through are just so beautiful and awe inspiring. I feel so blessed that my path has taken me here.

will write again soon

thanks for all of your love and support



jason said...

Congratulations :) I knew that you could do it. The experience would have been amazing. Don't rush it give yourself some time to acclimatise.


Gail said...

Hey Olivia - Dave and I met you at Splugeon's Rock Shelter, and Dave again at Ada Pass. HUGE congrats on finishing your mission. And, what a great summer for the trip! Hope to see you again in a hut real soon! Gail

Crystal said...

Hey girl!! So glad to hear you made it to the ocean, I was really glad to get to meet you and get to walk along the Dart with you for a while. I know that my long hike changed my life and it took me almost as long to realize it and embrace it. Hopefully you are breaking back into society slowly and finding a way to maintain your walking piece of mind. Anyways I saw this crazy thing about sydeny on a website so I thought I'd send it your way just in case you happen to be going to Sydney soon you might be able to win some gear.

Anyways the rest of my trip was great, will email you soon (on the ship until June15)! take care - Crystal

adventurebiscuit said...

Hi Olivia,
Remember me?
If not look on
Awesome job there!
what a cool trip.
see you round.